Our Process

We provide specialty insurance & risk management to the amusement industry


Property InsuranceAll too often owners and agents don’t give property insurance much thought beyond the building and the attractions inside. We look at property insurance as a tool to prevent insolvency after a loss. There are many types of loses a properly structured policy will cover and it’s critical to remember that your business and personal obligations don’t stop at the time of loss. Don’t be put into a situation of making up lost ground after a loss. With Safe Park USA you will be able to rebuild like it never even happened, and your customers will return with their money when you reopen.


The old saying goesLiability Coverage, it’s all fun and games till someone gets hurt. Liability insurance is complicated and complex. That’s why there are so many pages about liability in your policy. If you read your entire policy you will see many provisions for coverage and exclusions. It is critically important to have an agent that can navigate the industry, and structure an policy to meet your specific needs. Remember, it is too late to “fix” your policy after an incident or after you get served with a lawsuit. If specific coverage was excluded or you violated they policy agreement by accident, then it all comes out of your pocket. It is essential to have an agent that can tour your facility, and identify the specific risks involved with your amusement business.

Complete Coverage & On-Site Service

Safe Park USA was created to provide insurance specifically to meet the challenges of the amusement industry. We have crazy… risky things like, go-karts, laser-tag, bungee jumps, climbing walls, inflatables and water slides.  You simply cannot have a business policy, try to make it fit, and expect it to protect you from insolvency after a loss.

We take our coverage very seriously and that is why visiting you is a central part of our coverage. We know that every family entertainment center or amusement attraction is different. There are so many things that can be missed or overlooked when your agent only emails an renewal application year after year. Safe Park USA meets with you face-to-face, and will provide a policy that is carefully built to provide coverage more complete than anyone else.

Core Values

INTEGRITY: Ethics, Honesty
Reputation is everything. Our motivation is not premium or commission. It is about building lasting and trusting relationships as your advisors.

RESPONSIBILITY: Accountability, Commitment
We work for our clients not insurance companies. Our priority is to protect our clients and their business interest. Performance – not promises.

KNOWLEDGE: Education, Experience
Actively gathering and applying knowledge makes us thinkers with a distinctive, strategic and informed point of view. Turing claims experience into proactive planning preventing future losses

No matter what the situation is I can always count on Ryan to be there. Every year we get calls from other agents wanting to quote insurance and before joining Safe Park USA we would always let them quote. We are so satisfied with his knowledge and service there is no need to shop our insurance anymore. Ryan comes out to the facility every year and does a loss control walk through and reviews our coverage. He even made a special trip out when the local media asked to interview me after a Go-Kart accident.


Fredrick, Md, Adventure Park USA