Personal On-Site Service

On-site personal attention is at the core of our business, because quality coverage of your unique needs is a necessity.

Our Process

Insurance Like You've Never Seen Before

Safe Park USA brings a whole new approach to risk management for amusement facilities.

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We Protect You From Liability Risks

You have made your dreams a reality.
Safe Park USA Will make it stay a reality.

Safe Park USA Protects You

Rehab Your Insurance

Prior Losses? Safe Park USA has a plan to rehab your rates back to health.

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Insurance & Risk Management Solutions for the Amusement Industry

Property Insurance

Your job is all about providing fun! Unfortunately bad things do happen, and having a gap in your coverage can be a costly mistake. Safe Park USA provides the most complete property coverage protecting you from insolvency.


You have to think of the unthinkable, our industry is full of specialized risks.  Speedy go-karts, bouncy-houses, ball pits and dunk tanks they have an element of risk that traditional insurers won’t touch. At Safe Park USA, we understand the risk, and we have your back from legal threats and accidental injury.

Complete Coverage

By specializing only in the amusement industry, Safe Park USA is your trusted partner. We are uniquely aware of the unique challenges and risks faced by owners and operators like you.

On-Site Consultation

We get to know you, face to face. Why? Because touring your business is the only way to be sure you are covered. We come to you at least once per year to make sure you are completely protected.

Our Coverage

  • General Liability & Amusement Liability

  • Sexual Abuse & Molestation

  • Excess / Umbrella

  • Property Coverage

  • Loss of Income

  • Crime / Theft

  • Auto Coverage

  • Non-Owned & Rented Auto Liability

  • Workers Compensation

What Our Customers Have To Say

Ryan has always gone above and beyond for us. We have 5 different operations in Myrtle Beach and as a family we agree that hiring Ryan and his agency is the best decision we have ever made. I was hit by a car that ran a red light, and was not sure what to do, so I called Ryan. He asked me to email the police report to him, and then he took care of everything. It was such a relief to have him file the claim and take care of all the paperwork for me.

Leigh Ann

Myrtle Beach, SC, Fun Warehouse / Paradise Entertainment

I am a second generation owner. I have been in the business for over 35 years. Ryan is the first insurance agent that can walk through my facility and tell me what I need to change to reduce risks and make my place safer. He can easily explain the different types of coverage I need without any pressure or sales tricks. I have never had this much confidence in an insurance agent before.


Lynchburg, VA, Putt-Putt Fun Center