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Hi, we’re SafePark USA. We provide national insurance and risk management solutions to amusement and entertainment facilities.

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We understand that when you’re in the business of fun, sometimes you don’t fit in a box. Let’s start a conversation!

Insurance & Risk Management Solutions for the Amusement Industry

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Insurance is complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. We understand that managing risk in the amusement industry is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It takes specialization and a clear understanding of your facility and attractions. Our advisers spend the necessary time to evaluate and discuss your needs before proposing a plan.


Partnering with SafePark USA provides you with access to multiple insurance carriers that specialize in the amusement industry. We make it our business to understand yours - it is never our goal to sell you the maximum amount of insurance you can afford, but to help you buy as little as you need. We believe that we do our job best when we mitigate your need for the products we sell.


When you partner with our team, you are getting more than just an insurance policy. Our risk management solutions extend past your policy by providing you with access to on-site safety consultations, a claims specialist, and educational opportunities throughout the year.

You can buy insurance from many companies. I choose to work with SafePark USA because of the people. They make me feel like I am their only customer.
Joe Aboid

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SafeParkUSA and HAWK Advisers, Inc. also conducts business as SafeParkUSA Insurance Services in the state of California, HAWK Advisers, Inc. in the state of Michigan, and HAWK Advisers, Inc. in the state of New York.

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