Reporting Incidents at Your FEC

Employee training is instrumental when it comes to handling incidents that take place at your family entertainment center. Incidents are going to happen at any business, there is no way to avoid this. Being proactive to risk through a strong safety program and employee training can help mitigate your exposures, but it cannot eliminate them. Here are some of the FAQs that SafePark USA receives regarding reporting incidents that take place at your FEC:

What happens when there is an incident that requires no medical care or very minor first aid?

Very minor bumps and scrapes that can be treated with a common first aid kit generally will not require further medical attention. As such, when the patron is treated and is comfortable with their care and able to resume their fun activities, simply making an internal note of the incident is sufficient. Sometimes the teary reaction to these types of incidents are more excitable than the incident itself. Operator’s Hint: Never underestimate the power of a free game card or free item from the concession stand… they can be almost as valuable as the band-aid! These minor incidents generally will not lead to a claim where the insurance company may need to get involved. 

What happens when there is an incident that does require medical attention?

Whether the injured party requires an ambulance, trip to an urgent care clinic, or a visit to their family physician, this is the type of incident where you as a facility need to have a process in place to be able to identify quickly if this is a minor first aid only injury or something that you think might require medical attention (even if the injured party tells you they’re fine).

Our recommendation is to always report these types of injuries to your insurance adviser (and include related video footage of the incident when available). The stigma behind reporting these incidents is fear that if you report them, your insurance premium will increase. Generally speaking, if you are working with an amusement insurer, you are encouraged and required to report these incidents (without fear of penalty to your premium), so that the insurance company is prepared in case the incident escalates itself into a claim, legal notice or lawsuit. When reporting an incident that has not escalated  to an actual claim, this is referred to as a report only incident.

Whether the incident is minor or requires medical attention, when in doubt as to how you should respond and report, always consult with your insurance provider. Your insurance provider should be viewed as an extension to your business and your team, our advisers at SafePark USA are always available to discuss your family entertainment or amusement insurance needs!

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